Cremona  –  Italy


Musician violinmaker

As a musician and luthier I create a bridge between the two worlds

As a trained cellist, my approach from the very beginning was to establish a connection between the two worlds, violin making and music. I place a strong emphasis on understanding the acoustic complexity of string instruments, and am passionate about the many nuances of their sound. I want to encompass the range of different tastes of musicians. The goal is to satisfy their needs as much as possible; to speak the same language.


I use oil varnish, using a recipe I developed myself, with the aim of obtaining excellent acoustic and aesthetic qualities

Varnish is an important factor in obtaining high quality acoustics in an instrument. I decided to develop my own oil varnish recipe in order to control its elastic properties, which are fundamental for the acoustic response of the instrument. At the same time, using the best quality natural ingredients, I ensure that transparency and depth of colour is achieved, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.


Competitions and Prizes